Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sustaining Ideas , Sustaining a Project

Summer is one of those times of year that we remember as being endless . This Summer I tried to give Aidan , my 10 year old son , a taste of that . In an era of overscheduled child playdates and programmes my goal was to have him not so "plugged" in . 'Getting away from it ' is sometimes in your own back yard . I'm lucky to live in a remarkable part of the world , my immediate back yard is the Hudson Valley. And I might add a particularly beautiful section of it !
Well here I am having been "unplugged " getting back to discussing the Habitat project which is also of an unplugged nature . After an intense period of raising money and then building the sheds I also needed to kick back and let the project percolate and have its' endless Summer. Its hard to let things grow if you are always standing over them demanding them to GROW !!
So over the next few days I am going to be discussing some of the ideas and events that occurred during the previous couple of months . There have been some significant changes in focus and I think all the more relevant as we look forward to the possibility of CHANGE .......
In a market driven society it's hard to push away and see what SUSTAINS us . Having created this project I am now looking at what and how to sustain it so more Artists can experience this unique situation ..... O h and by the way Aidan did get that endless summer and he was also glad to get back to school . Looking forward to discussing these ideas so tune in SD

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