Friday, April 6, 2012


We are pleased to announce that we will be installing one of our signature 6 by 6 Studios outside the CORCORAN Gallery in downtown DC this summer. There will be a series of short term artist residencies including artists from the Hudson Valley and NY area , DC and emerging artists and students who will take on various collaborations . We are planning a 6 week run starting around JULY 16th , but final details are still in the works.

We will continue our collaboration w/groups at THEARC during this project and plan to be crossing the river frequently during our time downtown . We hope to be working with students from the Washington Ballet summer camp as well as other groups at THEARC , including ARTREACH students .

We will be hatching various plans to collaborate w/THE DOUBLE NICKELS Theatre Group and Toni Ford during this time , as well as looking at starting their NEW Hybrid Home at THEARC .

We would like to thank TARA MALIK for her role in making this possible ...THANK YOU !!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is the second week of artists in residence at the Studio at THEARC , in DC . MATTHEW SLAATS and MICHAEL NATIELLO are sharing the week and have some things in common and then very different approaches to their work . Matthew has been captivated by GRAFFITTI MOSS and where it might find itself . Working with words that have been left on the Studio by a question and response project WHAT INSPIRES YOU ? Matthew has engaged with spaces that are either less traveled or off the usual path , in this case a series of words on the trees close to the Organic Veg garden . Michael has bought alot of junk mail and other recycled material w/him which he has been blending with other matter on site such as the Cherry blossom , to produce a variety of pulp for paper making . He has also started his day by wandering the neighborhood collecting discarded material for his Mandala assemblages . Both artists activate the space by bringing attention to normal or often unseen or unrealized aspects of the every day world that surrounds us . We look forward to seeing examples of their work at THEARC as the week comes to a close.

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