Thursday, June 25, 2009

DAR WILLIAMS to play at SUNY New Paltz , June 27th

Okay , so things have been moving a little fast lately and there doesn't seem time to get it all down on the blog ! My apologies . THIS SATURDAY JUNE 27th at 7 pm at the Mckenna theater on the SUNY New Paltz campus , next to the Dorsky museum of Art

DAR WILLIAMS will be playing at a concert to benefit the Habitat for Artists project and its sponsor ecoartspace , with special guest Nick Panasevich .

The pre concert price is $25 at the door $ 30 TAKE NOTE so phone this number now as I am told the tickets are selling like 'hot cakes' TEL # 845 257 3844 .

Dar is really psyched about this concert as it appeals to her on many levels , first off she hasn't played in New Paltz for a while , and it connects community with art .It also raises issues about one of her passions , Ecology and the Environment . She has helped inniate a community garden in her own back yard and is prepared to get involved in local issues , such as doing a concert for a geothermal study at a local school . AND still balances appearing at Madison Square Garden to celebrate the career of Pete Seeger or a REM tribute at Carnegie Hall, with the need for people to get GROWING in their OWN Garden ! These are rare attributes and we hope you come out on Saturday to celebrate not only her music , and special guest Nick Panasevich , BUT ALSO her wish and desire for people to connect through creative and ecological endeavours , such as the Habitat for Artists project and the work of ecoartspace. READ her blog and see how many times she discusses her passion for gardening as well as music and her connection to her community !

We were discussing many of these issues the other evening as she was making a cake with her son Stephen . I was supposed to bring over the chocolate chips but forgot ! So WRITE this event on your calendar SO you DON'T FORGET !!! Saturday JUNE 27th at 7 pm , No you don't have to bring the chocolate chips JUST a wish to enjoy and support art and music which is going on right NOW , right HERE , in your back yard , the Hudson Valley . If you can turn up to see a bunch of old ships ........ SEE YOU THERE !!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


If you haven't seen the show at the Dorsky Museum , it's a must see exhibition . There are many outstanding pieces to be seen and a good variety of approaches to the subject of "ecotones and transition zones" . If you want to know what that is about then drop by the museum SOON .
One of my favorites is Michael Asbills "Boat Piece" , but that's all I am saying . Heather Hutchison has several pieces that bear closer contemplation and don't miss her installation outside ! And some wonderful gems of context and painting has to be Tom Sarrantonio's pieces which you can miss if you don't look !! Which are next to Gilbert Plantinga's moving photographs.

This week I , and a few other artists will be changing it up at the 36 main st habitat studio . If you already didn't know Dar Williams, with special guest Nick Panasevich , will be playing JUNE 27th at 7 PM at the McKenna Theater at SUNY New Paltz campus (near the Dorsky Museum)

If you can't get tickets on line I may have a few at the NEW TICKET BOOTH habitat studio at
Main st . So DROP BY ,........ CASH only as we haven't got wifi hook up for plastic and knowing me I won't have my reading glasses with me so won't know what you may have written on a check .

Fingers crossed that the rain holds off especially as the Farmers Market is going to be at the Rock and Ice car park , so more reason to stop by ....... Art and Veggies amongst other things .
Or is it art amongst the veggies ?

We have artists lined up for the studios , as always its those summer schedules but currently RYAN CRONIN is using the studio on campus at the OLD MAIN CIRCLE , and JEANNE ENGLERT is in her second week at the studio habitat at Huguenot Street . AND if you are still interested do contact us there are slots available still . ( 845 216 35 07 )

MOLLY RAUSCH will be taking on the studio on Main St in July and has a surprise in store ,.....

MICAHAEL ASBILL will be taking resident at a studio soon . SARAH HAVILLAND will follow on from Jeanne at Huguenot Street . To name a few of the participating artists at HFA studios in New Paltz.

I'll be posting a few gems from recent installations and I think I need to get Todd Sargoods photo gallery for the SCEE project linked . There are some great pix of the day we had working with twelve 6th graders and their teacher Amy Kennedy from the Waldorf school .

Meanwhile a few older shots have been submitted for print for Alex Johnsons SHED book in the UK , Alex has the wonderful Shed working blog and mentioned HFA on his blog back in March this year . More on that with links but right now I need my daily tea . Which reminds me thank you for a wonderful blog on the DAILY GREEN by Brian Howard .

Time for TEA Grommet . best SD

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