Thursday, March 26, 2009

Habitat for Artists at ecoartspace

Saturday March 7th

Simon Draper and the Habitat for Artists Collective
@ ecoartspace's first project room event in Soho

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Flying Swine presents a workshop reading of HUDSON ADRIFT

Simon Draper's Habitat for Artists, Indoors
hosts at Van Brunt Gallery,
Friday Feb 27th and Sat Feb 28th

Flying Swine presents a workshop reading of

a new play by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
with Donald Kimmel, as Henry Hudson

An intimate portrayal of Henry Hudson in his last
extremity. In 1611, searching for the Northwest Passage on
his ship Discovery, Hudson, his son and several loyal crew
members were cast adrift in an open boat by a mutinous crew.

By turns lucid and delirious, he relives his failed
attempts to discover a northeast passage, his triumphant
discovery and exploration of the Hudson River, and his
disastrous miscalculation of the limits of human tolerance
aboard Discovery. Hudson is brought vividly to life as he
struggles with his conscience, his reason, and the
unforgiving elements.

Friday and Saturday, door opens 7:30pm

Reading begins @ 8pm, followed by discussion of play
with Flying Swine Artistic Director Donald Kimmel

$ 5.00 Admission both nights

137 Main St Beacon NY No reservations

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