Sunday, February 28, 2010


Storm King from Little Stony Point , in 1964 this landscape was under threat from a proposed plan to build an electric power plant. The fight to save Storm King began and 17 years later it was saved . This was the beginning of the environmental movement in the States .



Habitat for Artists and Work Space Harlem will be announcing the upcoming show at WSH in March . In association with ecoartspace NY , Co director Amy Lipton . Twenty artists will present a variety of work in HFA's latest iteration entitled "RECYCLING THE STUDIO " . The exhibit will be curated by Nadia Perucic . Included in the show will be a recycled HFA studio . Official press release 3/01 . Stay posted !!SD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last year Ayesha Ibrahim set up in the Studio at 36 Main St New Paltz NY . During the course of her studio residency she gave passers by her Art for a Smile . Ayesha documented many smiling recipients with their new acquisition of original art work .

A MEDLEY of STUDIOS 2007 to 2009

From Beacon NY , New Paltz NY, New York City to Philadelphia , small temporary reusable art studios with an ever changing collective of Artists , exploring their creative process and engaging in new dialogue with their communities .



Cathy Lebowitz took this picture of the three amigo-stooges prepping the beds at SCEE last year . I love this photo as it has that Jeff Walls feel to it ... far from staged . For the record that is Odin E Cathcart on the truck , Me w/wheel barrow and Todd Sargood shoveling .... 2009

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is one of the first pieces on sale now for a 100% TAX deductible donation of $75 . This piece will be on display at a store in Beacon where it may be purchased . All proceeds to benefit the NEW project in Philipstown NY . A list of Art works and stores will be posted shortly .
Any questions may be forwarded to habitatforartists@gmail .com , in the meantime .

This work is by Simon Draper , and is made from a variety of materials used in the building of the Studios , last year . It is 6 ins by 6 ins and resembles Draper's 2007 series "Meditation , Dedication and Prayer " . Other Artists donating works include , Kathy Feighery , Chris E Manning , Todd Sargood , Tom Sarrantonio , and Jennifer Zackin . PRICES will vary .........SD


Molly Rausch's Lost and Found Studio in New Paltz ,NY last year . Her accumulated drawings will be on view in March , opening 3/26 at Work Space Harlem NYC . The show curated by Nadia Perucic , and partnering with ecoartspace NY will be the first of a number of events the two groups are putting on in NYC . Also to be found in and around Times Square will be the HFA's new green box Studio . Dates to be confirmed . At Exit Art , ecoartspace will be putting on its benefit show of donated works as to "WHAT REALLY MATTERS ". Stay posted , SD

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Just a reminder that we are now on Face Book . Become a FAN and you may WIN a Prize !! WE are now making random drawings from our FAN list and sending the winners a variety of items , small artworks to HFA T- Shirts .

Keep up with daily posts and news about HFA on FB , by becoming a FAN . HFA has new projects starting , new exhibitions of Artists who have worked with the project , and developing new ways to help connect the artist to their community . Become a FAN of Habitat for Artists , today !


Over the next few weeks we'll be posting art for sale . These will be more affordable pieces that have been donated by various artists near and far to help raise money for the next project in May

As we want a local connect we will have different works at a variety of locations . This brings attention or interest to an organization or business we have worked with and an opportunity to view a work and engage with the particular store or group .

The starting point will be the post on line here and on Face Book . The individual pieces will be placed each week at a business in a town where we will be installing a project . This coming week we will be starting in Beacon NY . The significance here is the project started in 2008 in Beacon and we are continuing to install studios at the CSA farm close by this spring .

This is the beginning of a larger idea which we'll be developing over the next few months to help artists place work in new locations and offer an alternate source to sell their work ON LINE .

This week we'll be starting off small and getting the idea rolling ,.......

My thanks to the artists who have already contributed works and have pledged a piece to help the new project . We will be posting their names shortly as others respond to our call .
Well we finally got there , my thanks to Todd Sargood who went beyond the usual to produce the new HFA logo . We're looking forward to getting a new batch of HFA shirts done and seeing how it'll work in one color as well !

Its official HFA's NEW logo is here

Monday, February 15, 2010

STUDIO wrapped up for the Winter 2009

Todd and I managed to get down to Philadelphia last November to wrap things up at SCEE .
This Studio will be traveling east to Burlington Community College NJ , this Spring 2010 .


Here are the two studios at Solar One NYC , solar building behind . The studio on the right was moved to become the new studio at Urban Go Green 's Expo at the Harlem Armory , October 2009 . Thanks to Dina Elkin and all the staff at Solar One for looking after these studios .

STUDIO Footprint at Poets Walk Red Hook NY

This was the site of the Studio at Poets Walk Park , note the square in the circle of plants and the walking circle around the studio's square foot print.

STUDIO at Common Ground CSA Farm Stonykill NY

This was our studio down on the farm last summer , just outside Beacon , NY Summer 2009

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi , well getting off that vortex of time , Facebook . I wanted to post some new news !! The show at WSH (work space harlem) will start to be installed the week of MARCH 22 nd . We are drawing up the final list of artists .Our guest curator, Nadia Perucic , and I will be crafting a short press release to bring you all up to speed . Todd Sargood will be putting together a wonderful set of images for the exhibit's card,.. which I think encapsulates some of the essence of HFA !

Ecoartspace has offered to sponsor us at the Chashama space on E 42nd st NYC . So we will be percolating an additional show there for 2 weeks in April . We hope to launch our new studio
concept and hope this will be an unveiling for that idea !, well as bringing in some NEW collaborators , such as Chris Kennedy and his Institute of Applied Aesthetics (and friends of ..).

Also a particular note to " coolcool 654" , Happy New Year to you also !!
Drop us a note at

We are VERY close to our NEW LOGO .... Todd Sargood has been in the studio with sumi brush and massive amounts of recycled paper fine tuning the new essential logo for a new HFA.

WE were pleased to announce our 25 th fan of HFA on Facebook , Helen Gutfreund ,who will be choosing her SUR-PRIZE !! If you are an FBer become a FAN of HFA we hope to reach 50
fans by the week end ,... well who knows what we might give away then !!??

100 th Fan gets our soft cotton Tee shirt , varied sizes , a bevvy of colors ,... and yes the old logo
so these will become a collector's items . So stop using the ones you have as a cleaning rag !!!

Getting alot of support for the new project in Philipstown , we may have some really exciting news there . BUT I can not at present tell you ,... so you'll have to WAIT and see ??

We hope to have an interactive journal for the project called the Philipsebrook Journal .
This will be part of our MEDIA Studio at the site . And we just met with two members of the newly formed theater workshop " The Actor's Habitat" who will be working with kids on site
at our Performance space with kids of ALL ages !

Jenn Zackin announced an idea for one of the studios at a Hudson Valley CSA , which we will be
growing over time , may even install her piece at two locations . See what prevails !

Remember , ......... How Much ? How Little ? The Space to Create ,......... best SD

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