Saturday, February 20, 2010


Over the next few weeks we'll be posting art for sale . These will be more affordable pieces that have been donated by various artists near and far to help raise money for the next project in May

As we want a local connect we will have different works at a variety of locations . This brings attention or interest to an organization or business we have worked with and an opportunity to view a work and engage with the particular store or group .

The starting point will be the post on line here and on Face Book . The individual pieces will be placed each week at a business in a town where we will be installing a project . This coming week we will be starting in Beacon NY . The significance here is the project started in 2008 in Beacon and we are continuing to install studios at the CSA farm close by this spring .

This is the beginning of a larger idea which we'll be developing over the next few months to help artists place work in new locations and offer an alternate source to sell their work ON LINE .

This week we'll be starting off small and getting the idea rolling ,.......

My thanks to the artists who have already contributed works and have pledged a piece to help the new project . We will be posting their names shortly as others respond to our call .

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