Friday, April 6, 2012


We are pleased to announce that we will be installing one of our signature 6 by 6 Studios outside the CORCORAN Gallery in downtown DC this summer. There will be a series of short term artist residencies including artists from the Hudson Valley and NY area , DC and emerging artists and students who will take on various collaborations . We are planning a 6 week run starting around JULY 16th , but final details are still in the works.

We will continue our collaboration w/groups at THEARC during this project and plan to be crossing the river frequently during our time downtown . We hope to be working with students from the Washington Ballet summer camp as well as other groups at THEARC , including ARTREACH students .

We will be hatching various plans to collaborate w/THE DOUBLE NICKELS Theatre Group and Toni Ford during this time , as well as looking at starting their NEW Hybrid Home at THEARC .

We would like to thank TARA MALIK for her role in making this possible ...THANK YOU !!

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