Saturday, June 7, 2008

Art Unplugged ?

Do check out Beth Wilson's JUNE article in CHRONOGRAM (see link) BOOM or BUST . A compelling read and two other interesting projects in the area . Also do go to Sharon 's blog site Twocoats of Paint as she is writing up a storm ,and has brought up some relevant recent articles that tie into aspects othe Habitat Project.

It reminded me of a related seed of an idea that came from reading Richard Louv's book , "Last Child in the Woods" . In it he sites kids who are overscheduled in their lives and would rather be plugged in ,ie to electronic games. I t led to my drawing the "art survival" shed and a series of drawings I was calling NO artist Lost in the Woods .... I was also riffing on the pioneering of new frontiers which brings me back to DO read Beth's article .....

Also fresh from the printers is Sharon's article in The Brooklyn Rail (JUNE issue).

I shall be posting new photos of some of what has been going on at the shanty village, so tune back in. Also for those non Monty Python viewers Master shed builder has a wonderful adhoc reference to the art sketch "Two Sheds Jackson" . For those without the reference I will link to a YOU tube post very soon. Again read both Sharon and Beth's articles . Back soon SD.

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Carmela said...

its Carmela from BAA
i work, still sculpture, and live in Faifax va
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