Saturday, March 13, 2010


Over the next few weeks , we'll be partnering with a number of stores in the area to have art 'in stock' , which will benefit the new HFA projects . Starting with these small , original works by Simon Draper which will be priced to sell . They are made from the collected off cuts from the project which could have been an old art work , actual building material from a studio or other material collected for the project.

The idea is to have the art priced so it relates to the needs of the NEW project . $50 could either pay an artist in residence honorarium for a day or provide new material for RECYCLING a studio. Other works will be ON SALE soon , and their pricing will relate to a project need .

Participating stores in Beacon , are ARTISAN WINESHOP and in Cold Spring , THE COUNTRY GOOSE and HIGHLAND BASKETS. So if you are shopping for wine or getting a gift , take a look at the art in stock as well . ALL proceeds go to the HFA Projects in 2010 , including helping put on the show in Harlem !!

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