Thursday, February 3, 2011


Winter is always a good time for deliberation and this year with a few good snow days already under our belts , thoughts and ideas have been prevalent . So in between the dig outs and the de icings we've been digging up some thoughts and scrapping off a few old plans of an HFA kind .

We've been wanting to start to move in a new direction for some time now especially with our various electronic feeds . FB has been steady , the HFA .org blog got some good play time with Michael Montella posting regularly and some cool stuff of a video kind , but the old original here has been wanting ....

So over the next few weeks we're going to start to turn the site over to some new writers ,and bloggers and let them post current articles ,and items of interest to artists and that elusive other audience from the region .... then start going further afar . Even to the WEST coast !!

Menawhile bear with us as we still post our ramblings from up the river and in and around Philipse Brooke , and await the February thaw .... (you think?) .

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