Monday, April 6, 2009

Habitat for Artists begins in New Paltz NY

Habitat for Artists installs its' first small sustainable studio on Main St . New Paltz NY.
Thanks to Richard Gottlieb of "Rock and Snow" climbing store we are able to install our
first studio in the village of New Paltz. Todd Sargood , artist and a recent addition to the
HFA Collective initiated this first installation and had his SUNY Art Class contribute many
14 by 14 tiles to the exterior of the small structure .
There are to be a number of these small studios around the village and on campus for a 5
to 6 month period , including a habitat indoors at the Dorsky Museum in June 2009.
" We're hoping that the community of New Paltz gets behind this and finds ways to really
contribute to the project " says Draper , "We are dependent on them making a go of this
in a variety of ways ,..." The Village Board already put their stamp of approval on the project
recently , lets hope for further dialog with numerous interested residents as more small studios
get placed in the Village .

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