Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Back again ! The first habitat Studio in New Paltz NY has already created some "chatter" and the local press with a humorous penchant likened them to latrines which has others chunnering .
I would say OUT HOUSE , but as I said to a few of you better to start with being likened to a toilet shed and end up being asked by the Town Board to help envision their Master Plan . Rather than have aspirations to want to help with the Master Plan and end up in the Toilet !! There were a few typos which ultimately were funny BUT CODA is COTA (FYI) and the small studios sit on wooden cribs NOT concrete slabs or slaps . The printed word is merely printed and NOT always FACT . We will be putting out a press release so keep your eyes posted if you're in and around New Paltz. AND remember this IS all part of the dialogue so if you have an opinion write to the New Paltz Times Editor ,.... it'd be great to heat, I mean hear from you !!

Other NEWS : we are checking out the site near Philly . Pa , next week at SCEE. Going to start building raised beds and planting small footprint gardens (also 6 by 6 ) . Working title is "DRAWN to and DRAWN from the Garden " . We're hoping to hook up with artists down there as gardens need sustained care and though we will be visiting, not that frequently come the Summer ,.....There will be a chance for those caretaking the garden to have use of a habitat studio which will be built in the center of the raised bed gardens. We'll post photos next week when we're back .

Mercer Street . We still have our INDOOR habitat studio at the ecoartspace project room at 53 Mercer St NYC third floor walk up ! Also many of the tiles we did and others at the VanBrunt Gallery Beacon NY , INDOORS this past winter, are displayed . See article in The Daily Green
by Brian Howard. We may have linked to it so check it out , scroll down & to your left ,.......

Thanks to all those people in Rhinebeck /Red Hook NY that responded not always to the question "What gives YOU Hope?" BUT also gave their valid opinion of the habitat studio located at Scenic Hudson's Poet's walk Park . (last field). Due to some peoples' view point WE will be moving it back from the panoramic view line so that the magnificent view of the majestic Catskill Mountains is NOT blighted by that "unsightly" structure ! SORRY to those of you who mistakenly arrive with the hopeful expectation that Scenic Hudson had met some of your needs and installed a wonderful latrine (with that royal majesty's spectactular view , talk about , the throne room !?) It IS a small studio which will be starting to be used by invited Artists and Writers very soon (whilst these cold days persist we can't expect those creative souls to suffer THAT much for their work?). So having completed the cycle of toilet humour I end on this note.

And I look forward to sharing new Views and News, and further rich Commentary on these Shed like things , coming to a neighbourhood like YOURS ? SOON ? Best SD.

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