Saturday, May 9, 2009


With this sort of a project you are always aware of the weather , and lately we've all be aware of the rain. Despite the seemingly incessant precipitation we have been out and about checking on new sites and making new Habitat studios.

MAY 14 th, rain or shine we are slotted to begin installing the Habitat Studio at Huguenot Street
in New Paltz. The site is outstanding in that it is nestled in a glade of tall evergreens which have proved a wonderful asset during a recent hot spell (before the rains),giving ample shade cover! It will, also sit close to a group of picnic tables which we hope will instill conversation between the artists and picnicking visitors .... On a specific note would Martin DAVIS please contact us , phone # on cards at the Lower Main St Habitat studio , so we can arrange a slot for you to work in this studio !! Martin contacted the project with regard to using the space to continue his work of producing paintings of the various buildings in this Landmark area .

MAY 16 th THIRD Saturday in New Paltz . Various events are planned in and around town, HFA is slotted to have artists at the habitat studios and we'll be posting the first names SOON . There is an artist , Michael ASBILL who will start working in the studio on Lower Main St this Monday, May 11th......from 2 30 . Stop by to see what he has in mind ..............................................
There are various Music performances scheduled so pencil a cultural date in your calendar ! TA !

MAY 20th , HFA is going to be Philadelphia bound. The project "EDIBLE LANDSCAPES", curated by Amy Lipton of ecoartspace NY will be breaking ground. Taking place at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education , (hence referred to as SCEE) there will be a number of artists starting projects at an old farm property at Hagys Mill Rd & Port Royal Ave. .

We hope to have various groups and artists involved in this project as we will be relying on local input to sustain this project ,and as there are a number of small footprint gardens being planted
we do mean sustain,.... There will also be a Habitat studio / Habitat Garden Shed that sits at the center of the gardens which will be available to artists and groups to use if interested , in exchange for tending the seven (7) 6 by 6 gardens.

JUNE 1st HFA starts install at SUNY college New Paltz . As part of this years regional exhibiton , curated by Brian Wallace, at the Dorsky Museum (on campus) "Ecotones and Transition Zones"
the habitat studios will be being installed inside the museum and on campus .Stay posted there is a Benefit performance for HFA and ecoartspace at the college , end of JUNE (27th) by singer /songwriter DAR WILLIAMS. The opening act is an up and coming musician by the name of Nick PANASEVICH. Meanwhile back at the campus mini studios start popping up so as to be in place for the exhibition opening on JUNE 13th . ( MARK the calendar , again !!)

I realize that it's time for me to start posting a few more images of the various new stages in the project , and recent site visits so you can better envision what we've been up to. As it is said a picture is worth a thousand words , especially a thousand of mine !! And on that note I think I'll sign off ,and wish ALL MOTHERS all over a HAPPY MUM"S DAY . ( NB The UK already had their Mum's day , but my mum by default gets TWO days , just incase I forget one !!)

Stay dry , stay well and try to get out and visit some ART event this week end , best SD.

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