Sunday, May 24, 2009

Edible Landscapes HFA at SCEE ,PHiladelphia PA

We're just back from Philly , and what a blast ! We managed to get a lot done in a short amount of time . Below are some of the pix from that venture . We owe a debt of gratitude to Jeff and Cathy who despite scorching sunshine continued to turn over most of the garden plots around the habitat studio. This allowed myself , Todd and Odin to get most of the basic structure of the habitat studio potting shed and outdoor work area built with in the short time there. I'll post more images as Todd has a whole stack he took of the process ,start to finish . Friday morning Odin and I were able to get our gardens planted so others can follow on and continue planting and sustaining the gardens. YES it's outstanding in it's field so we had to protect it from the deer that reside in the woods by erecting a full scale deer fence around the garden's perimeter .

New Paltz continues with the habitat at Huguenot Street .Below is a detail of that habitat studio before it left the shop . Todd has some great shots which I will download soon . I'll get a link to the rest of them as there are some crackers !!

Memorial Day activities prevail and we have a family visit to New Paltz , not just to see habitat studios but to check out a skate board store "Liquid" ......

Check in later for more images and new posts SD

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