Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Habitat Studio installed at Historic Huguenot Street, New Paltz NY

May 15 th . The second New Paltz Habitat was installed Friday , Thursday having been a wash.
The initial install will be finished by Monday and will have two sides for artists to add to during their use of the studio over the next few months.

We are scheduling artists to use the studios around town for a MAXIMUM period of 3 weeks.
We are stressing that the artist reflects some of the issues that the project is engaged in especially ecological or environmental issues as well as being prepared to engage in a direct dialogue with the public when that artist is working in one of the habitat studios.

Artists are encouraged to enter into conversation or discourse with the specific studio location such as the History that surrounds the Huguenot Street site . Also to anticipate interaction with passers- by , with work that invites direct participation from viewers in order to create conversation.

As much as possible we ask the artists to be flexible in their approach to working in these studios and also to engage in alternative practices such as re using or repurposing material in their creative process. We do ask that artists minimize the level of toxicity and refrain from potential harmful solvents when working in these studios. This for many may prove challenging but we do want there to be a self examination or questioning of studio practice that artists engage in, in order to make their work.

We are open to artists working certain days , but also for them to be OPEN to others having access to the space during their alloted time . Our goal is to have as many artists using these studios and for there not to be periods where there is no activity. We are drawing up a guideline and agreement package for artists to refer to before their period of use.

As the warmer weather comes our way we will be scheduling artists on a consistent basis.

Please CONTACT the project if you live near the New Paltz area and would like to be considered
as a participating artist in one of the habitat studios . PHONE 845 216 3507 .
We suggest that you have a PROPOSAL for the period of time you wish to use the studio and how it might fit in with some of the project's considerations.

This is invitation is OPEN to painters, sculptors , videographers ,and photographers .


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