Monday, September 21, 2009


We are putting together an event at Solar 1 , on October 3rd . There will be various artists bringing their works and applying them to the new shed studio at 23rd St and East River . BUT before all that can happen WE will be building the NEW studio . So Sue Hope Altkin , if you are reading we will be doing that WORKSHOP ..... or more a SHED RAISING !! Bring tools , and heft .

Chere Kravosky will be doing a performance "Mothers and Daughters " bteween 1 and 4 , and there will be talks by various artists and curators including ecoartspace's Amy Lipton.

We are hoping to get a local CSA from the Hudson Valley with produce and they will also present a short talk on Alternate Farming in the Hudson Valley . Especially pertinent after the weird summer we had this year !!

We're hoping to get going around 11 , so bring tools if possible and note pads as there will be a
short step by step on how to build YOUR habitat studio .

Also presenting material we hope to have URBAN GO GREEN , inner city green initiatives from
start up opportunities to training for green jobs . We are currently working with UGG and will be showing a new habitat studio at their expo , October 24/25th at the Harlem Armory.NYC.

Here's hoping for more of this wonderful FALL weather continuing through October .

Stay posted ...SD

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