Saturday, September 19, 2009


Wendy Bounds , will moderate a panel discussion on the habiat for artists project this Thursday evening , September 24th at 7pm on the SUNY New Paltz Campus. There will be a number of artists who participated in the project , curators Amy Lipton and Brian Wallace and Board Trustee Shai Osborn . Also joining the panel will be Richard Heyl De Ortiz Director of Public Programs at HHS . Please make a note of this event if you wish to attend , and add your comments.

SEPTEMBER 9th Saw the dismantling of the Ecotones Show at the Dorsky Museum at SUNY
with the "in museum" habitat studio getting de installed . The various parts and materials will be finding their way into other habitat studios over the next few projects to come .

SEPTEMBER 10th We moved the two habitat studios at SOLAR 1 in NYC to make room for their outdoor film series running over the next couple of weeks . OCTOBER 3rd we are planning a joint event with Solar1 and eoartspace . Details to be announced.

SEPTEMBER 12th Despite the grotty weather we had a wonderful turnout for the reception of the 'Down To Earth' exhibit at SCEE in Philadelphia . Thankyou to Cathy Lebowitz , Jeff Bailey and Todd Sargood who were instrumental in this project occurring and who were in attendance that day . Unfortunately Odin Cathcart couldn't be there as he had previous engagements in VT
at the Helen Day Gallery, Stowe. Thankyou to the SCEE staff who were key to the gardens surviving since planting in June ,.... and thanks to Amy Lipton , for her inspired show concept!

SEPTEMBER 14th HFA , partnering with URBAN GO GREEN , gave a presentation to the HARLEM ARTS ALLIANCE , at the theater of Riverside Church NYC to gain interest from visual artists and others in participating in the project which will be part of UGGs 2nd ANNUAL EXPO at the Harlam Armory on OCTOBER 24 /25th .Thanks to HAA Executive Director , Michael Unthink and Tiwana Jackson of UGG for making this possible .

SEPTEMBER 16th The habitat studio at SCENIC HUDSON"s , POET"s WALK Park,Redhook NY was removed from its bucolic setting to get a little 'TLC' over the winter and will return to the park at a NEW site . We will be looking for WRITERS to take up short term residencies at the studio in the Spring of 2010. Further postings about will be announced .

As you can see we have been very active of late and will be posting a variety of pix from these events. Remember we still have THREE (3) habitat studios in New Paltz , more on those Monday . Chris Brandon just finished his writers residency at HHS and will be drafting a story from the many suggested stories he collected whilst at his temporary writers shack there.

Common Grounds Farm at Stonykill had their benefit Picnic Sunday 13th and we'll be hearing how that went from Tim and Devin this week end . We were able to pay fwd some material from other studios and combine with the boards the GREEN TEENS painted during the Summer.

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