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I tried to post this yesterday but for what ever reason I couldn't get the server to accept it ,...

After an extended period of taking the HFA studios down and bringing them in for the winter there has been new activity in  planning the next events and improving aspects of the project .

HFA is finalizing arrangements to bring the project to the central Hudson Valley region in Putnam County . We are securing a site and a supporting host , plus a number of initial sponsors who will help build six new HFA studios in 2010 . We want to have 6 artists help  build these initial six studios on site , with a possibility of more being built as interest grows and we find different groups to partner with . This initial 'hub' site will continue to have workshops on different topics through out a 5 to 6 month period , with artists taking up 3 week residencies with a potential to work together and with other community groups.  

There will be an Art Panel who will select the artists based on proposals and guidelines HFA is currently putting together. HFA is encouraging the next set of artists to work with a number of themes especially concerning such topics as energy , land use , farming , food and sustainable practices as well as ecological or green issues . There is a potential to engage with 30 artists 
this next season and create a vibrant catalyst for new dialogue and exploration.

We will be seeking internships with area colleges and building on community outreach programs in the next few months. 

Odin Cathcart will be heading up a HFA project in Vermont . Now the Exhibitions Curator at the Helen Dat Gallery in Stowe , Odin will be looking to build several HFA studios around the
Stowe area and engage with a number of colleges and Vermont artists. There is an exhibition of artist's work who have participated in  the HFA project planned for the new year at the Helen Day Gallery .

Burlington Community College , NJ  looks as if it will be taking the studio from SCEE in Philly.
Jeff Bailey has been heading up this effort to bring the project and the one studio to BCC .,some time in the Spring of 2010. We have been putting together a plan to have the project take on the potential of working with different departments and growing and being sustained over a few years . This will be an interesting on campus project where the artists studios become the focus of other dialogs with other disciplines , and art integrates with other departments like engineering and the culinary school (to be) . 

Work Space Harlem will be host to a HFA studio workshop and Exhibition of HFA artists in 
March of 2010 . Details , sponsors and specific dates are still being discussed with WSH manager, Dionis Ortiz . Dionis was instrumental in helping HFA partner with Urban Go Green
enabling a studio to be built at WSH !

HFA will be posting a NEW website in 2010 . There will be some changes in the look and content of the project . We are currently looking to have those blueprints and a manual done by early 2010 . Expect to see a NEW T shirt as well , our old supply is dwindling . 

HFA is  partnering with Scott Gibson of Ecopioneer and there'll be explorations into the HFA studio taking on different solar applications and H2O collection systems . Scott has a site up in Kingston which we'll be looking to develop in a number of ways where alternate design and technology fuse with art ... with a view to what's sustainable ?

Lastly HFA will be working on posting some of the pictures of this year's activities in New Paltz New York City , and Philadelphia  which we missed posting BUT want you to see and know about, as we work on the NEW site for 2010 .

We'll be posting new topics  over the winter as we develop the new projects for the various sites for 2010. And we hope to engage with new writers and contributors to the project on a number of issues , as we see the Art and cultural sections of regional publications dry up !

Talk soon , stay well    SD

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