Monday, November 2, 2009


We are in the last stages of taking in the various habitat studios for the winter . We have one still in New Paltz NY , on Huguenot St . We also have one left at Solar One in NYC . Another has gone indoors and is part of an Exhibit ,"Cornerstone" at Work Space Harlem . (until Nov 7th ).

In going through various papers and notes from this last year I found a piece of writing by my then 11 year old , son Aidan on the subject of UNITY . He takes on a big view with a discussion on alliances and countries' tendencies to not trust one another , which invariably leads to war. He then throws in a curve ball and I quote :

" My dad is an artist and has many believes about his art . Because his art could connect , the pieces sink in and stay connected . After a while the art would change. It might have been the colors or it could have been the whole shape. The shape would change by the removing of nails . Later the nails wold hold up a new shape with new pieces. " A reference to the many tiles people have contributed ,...   he continues :

" We must use our believes to nail in place . Every new belief can separate us or make us larger.My dad's art has shaped my whole life . Some of his art was making puzzle pieces , but  now he is working on a new project called " Habitat for Artists " . He has to keep taking these small sheds apart and changing them . He piles the pieces of wood in the back of his silver truck
From there he decides whether just to move their location or to make a new better habitat . I believe we must connect the pieces , like my dad has done , except in a global way for the sake of unity ."

In accordance with this sentiment I read a recent article in the NY  Times by Mary Tripsas in the weekends Business section on the sharing  of new innovations by companies that are of an environmentally friendly nature. In an effort to share new product ideas with out charge !!
Such as Eco-Patent Commons started in January 2008 . Following on from this will be others like the Green Xchange in 2010 .  Innovations include the use of microorganisms to identify pollutants , water based shoe adhesives and packing inserts which are recyclable and use less
fossil fuels to create and transport them. Perhaps more of us can unite under larger ideas for a better world ?

During the next few weeks I 'll be sharing a short retrospective of the year's activities with an emphasis on the artists who participated in the the project from New York City to up river to New Paltz . After a lot of activity and making its time to bring it all in and give pause for reflection . 

We''ll be bringing things inside again but at a new location in Harlem . Stay posted for events and times starting in January 2010.

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