Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just got back from Philly !! Wow ,... return journey a little longer than usual but a good day with the studio getting wrapped up . I 've been joking that we had to wrap up the project and thats what we were actually doing. Ensuring that winter won't or at least it's effect lessened by getting some tarps on the roof and over the windows and door so all alittle better protected . Normally not a big deal but this is the one we want to go forward to become the studio on campus at BCC.
Burlington Community College NJ , which I believe is around 45 miles due east of Philadelphia .

We unscrewed around a 100 tiles. Tiles that were painted there and others from New Paltz that we had applied to the studio's exterior . These we hope to use again on the various projects coming up next year . We also took down the cabana structure behind the studio and we'll be reusing these parts in other habitat studios . Fortunately weather wise it was perfect . Brisk but not too cold that made undoing the structure a pleasant activity especially at this time of the year.

We're looking forward to moving the studio to the new site come spring and working again with Jeff , who has been pivotal in getting the project to the new BCC site !

Well that about wraps things up for 2009 .Now the planning and meetings to steer the new project in the Hudson Valley plus some others lurking ,... but that's another day .

Later SD

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