Thursday, December 10, 2009


This one really hit me recently and I am quoting a good friend , Joe P.  in reply to an improved idea I had proposed....his response was .."its the new three 'R's ,  reuse , recycle , restore ." 

As a mantra that might be applied to a lot of what is going on today and obviously , seasonally
as GIFT giving comes around in that frenetic , head spinning ,and  mind numbing way .What are we left with ? So stepping outside the realm of perhaps making some THING out of old other things what if we applied this new R mantra to the season of GIVING .(Though its better than buying new ).

What might be restored ,.. perhaps MEANING ?  We is fast over taken by ME , and it seems we have suffered by accumulated ME s so step one , (1)  what does or could this season mean ??
AND how might it benefit US ? Inherent in cultures that adopt belief systems other than what is in front of me is the idea of the group. AND preserving that group . Taking care in all manner of ways the health and welfare , and being of that group . So what might it mean to GIVE to your group , yeah lets start with your immediate community , your neighbor , a friend ,... now you're thinking about some one else other than yourself .  What might you give to them ?

(2) Recycle ,...   there are some great ideas , and philosophies that might just be re looked at and brought into parlance again . As well as perhaps looking at some of those things you have that you haven't looked at for an age sitting on the shelf , sitting in the basement , waiting to have relevance again .  The idea of using this particular time to bump start our economy so we can have more stuff accumulate ... it's not a good idea . Lets add another R ,  RETHINK . If and it is if we are going to get out of this current pickle in ain't going to be plying others with more stuff ? So it 'd be great to look through and repurpose some THINGs that others might not have and enjoy even USE ?

(3) REUSE ,.....    how much stuff didn't get used first time or hardly used . The paper bag or ooohh the plastic bag ? One use from shop to larder . Then OUT it goes . None of these are new ideas  , I 'm just recycling some old ideas that I recall from some 30 odd years ago . Yep I was brought up unbending nails . What ?  8d , 12 d all kinds of nails so I could fix something broken.
Though there is one thing really over used and that is this OLD make more MODEL that should be thrown out . NOW.  And getting back to the season , how about getting your kids to re box a toy and give it to a younger kid ? And have it come from that older kid , that now has a cool factor added to it ....which makes up for the lack of wrapping !! and MORE . 

Its really hard to walk around seeing creative ways of getting folks to buy stuff we don't really need. I was handed by my son a list of things he thought he wanted . Aside of the large dollar items which I winced at , I asked him to give a set of reasons as to why he needed these things. .How would his life benefit , how could this thing enhance his life aside of its cool ? Were there unseen aspects to having this be a part of your life ? Would others benefit by its use ?? 

Some of his answers did examine these other benefits and he did come up with some real added bonuses to having one or two things added to his life (style). 

I am NOT going to steal or demean the essence of this Holiday . I would however like to RE examine what it MEANS for us as a family , for us as a community and beyond ... the world at hand , and I am NOT saying DON'T enjoy yourself . Perhaps extend a hand to those who won't be spending the holidays with family or friends .  I joked with a garden group I 'm in about having a post holiday group dinner that was "Sustainable" ? Perhaps I wasn't joking ?

Three , now there's an old idea .... perhaps we can look at that again , the NEW three R s 
can be quite useful . Oh and by the way DO NOT buy your tree just yet it won't get to the 25th
inside your house ...  and what are you going to do with it after ? At least find out if its chipped in your municipality . 

So as the parties begin perhaps sharing good cheer and and imbibing good micro beer where possible is a good idea . Where it becomes a quick fix to some thing that needs to be carefully repaired , you may want to re look at the larger picture and envision your part a little more creatively ?   You might also want to walk home too ?? Or use public transport ...mmmmm.

Best and as always , be well !  SD

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