Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yes its finally happened .YOU can become a FAN of HFA , by joining that happy throng of Face Bookers . (If that is a term?) . Due to an overwhelming number of people wanting to know more and to be able to interact with the project we went FB ! Check it out ,......

Meanwhile HFA is organizing an exhibition of work by past participants of HFA . All the way back to 2008 ! This event will be in March and hosted by WORK SPACE HARLEM . In conjunction with ecoartspace who are having an April Fund raiser in NYC at 217 E 42nd St .

One of the hopefully cool components of the NEW project will be the Media Studio . This is the project hosted and sponsored through the Hudson Highland Land Trust (HHLT) . With this added element we are hoping to get live feed and a plethora of activity via You Tube , Blogs and possibly FB ? WE should have the final outline and proposal forms by mid February , so stay posted .

HFA has changed a few elements and we look forward to telling you more about those changes.
The interaction with the community is key and we have been working with a variety of people to engage with a larger audience . This will spark some lively discourse during the project's run
and we hope it's reflected in the artist's residencies .

Also coming up , Burlington Community College NJ , with the help of Jeff Bailey have agreed to take the studio that was at SCEE in Philadelphia . HFA is planning to make that move and installation in March /April , weather permitting .

So if you haven't become a fan of HFA on Facebook ,.... do that NOW ! later SD

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