Friday, January 22, 2010


The Art Panel which is HFA's selection committee is putting together the guidelines for artist's proposals for temporary studio residencies for the new project this Summer. The target date is mid February and the information can be down loaded from the soon to be NEW website !

The project this year is very much focused on community participation and encouraging a variety of collaborations . There are a number of local and metropolitan organizations who we hope will be presenting workshops in May. The hope is that artists will be working with them later on during their short term residencies in Philipstown.

It has become apparent that the premise of HFA isn't that apparent and we will be looking to present this information concisely on a NEW website . Until that appears lets just go through a few clarifications . HFA provides small, 6 by 6, temporary working studios (not live in ) for artists to explore new approaches in their practice and in their role in their community.

The studios are built from a variety of materials , reused, repurposed and FSC approved . Each studio is broken down and stored over the winter and re built at a new location . Last year we were allied with the SDMA at New Paltz , and gained permission from the Village to place several studios around New Paltz. The project usually runs 5 to 6 months as its temporary especially in a municipal setting where we have to adhere to a 9 month (max) ruling.

Where possible artists from the immediate area are asked /invited to participate in the project in number of ways . This year there will be a more communal nature to the set up as the studios will be close to each other. Again we hope to encourage dialogue between the artists as well as with the community. In order that we have a healthy flow of people to the site there will be a
studio that is designated our Performing Space. A schedule of events , music ,theater and other is being put together and we hope to have 8 to 9 scheduled acts.

This year we are encouraging MORE dialogue in all forms . There will be a studio which both visitors and artists alike can log into and blog from the site . In addition to the 'hub ' site we are hoping to have a number of satellite studios at other locations in the Valley . It seems a bit daft to have artists traveling long distances to work so we are looking to site other studios where there is interest and they can be sustained .

HFA is not a non for profit but we work in partnership with other nfps . We are still partnered with ecoartspace and this year we are sponsored through HHLT , who will also be our hosts.

AGAIN HFA is seeking volunteers with a variety of skills to help build and run this project . We would like to hear from you if you have a number of skill sets to offer and live in the Philipstown area (inc.Peekskill/Beacon / Cornwall) . The ball is rolling now so don 't delay !

The success or failure will be determined by how invested the community feels (or not) in this endeavor. In every creative act there is the equal part of something failing . However we are working to bring people into the building process of this project so that THAT prospect is lessened.

Hope to hear from you , stay posted again .....

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