Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We are getting ready for this week end at the Harlem Armory with the Urban Go Green Expo 09 .
And next week we finish taking down the studios in New Paltz . The Studio at SCEE in Philadelphia will stay there as it looks as if it may play forward to a college near by .  The Poets Walk Studio is getting refurbished and will be reinstalled next Spring. (Look for details) . We do have an errant studio upstate which will probably return to the fold in the spring and the studio at Solar 1 will be being dismantled some time in November . 

People ask what happens to the studios ?  Well , after getting taken apart , all the parts get stacked and we sort through them .We check which pieces need attention or replacing and we store them ready for use the next year . The point is to mix the material up as much as possible and to add new reclaimed components the next project . This way a history of material begins and each rendition becomes a part of the next chapter.  

We'll be looking to build the studios this coming year more on site . That means we'll be formatting a downloadable set of plans and hopefully a video to aid in the building of a studio. This means that other artists can resource material where they are being built and we are not transporting components long distances . This will be the case with the project in Stowe ,VT.

What about the pile of studios ?  We have several individual applications we are working on one looking to go to a local kid's doctor at his practice , another with a group locally in Beacon and we want more to appear at the CSA at Stonykill . 

There is a larger plan a foot , but we're still in planning stage so I can't say exactly what that will be ,....YET !

Enjoy the better weather we're currently having and get out side as much as possible Best SD

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