Saturday, October 24, 2009


SATURDAY OCTOBER 24TH,   As well as being the International Day of Climate Action, see  .   its the 2nd Urban Go Green Expo at the Harlem Armory at 1 W 142nd St /5th Ave..

Shannon Ayala of  350. ORG. will be on the panel "Greening the Culture " at 4 30 pm ,as well as CSA farmer Tim Heuer , from Common Grounds . 

Manhattan Borough President , Scott Stringer  to address the Expo at 1 pm to 2 pm . Among his green projects are " Go Green East Harlem " . a collaborative community -based initiative aimed at breaking the pattern of harmful environmental conditions that have been part of East Harlem's history for decades. Dealing also with reduction and treatment of Asthma since 2008 , he has led the planting of hundreds of trees in the area .  As well as opening green markets to the community with the introduction of healthy ,locally grown food in the East Harlem community . In addition to these actions he has allocated $4,225, 000 to parks and playgrounds in the borough of Manhattan.

Michael Caslin III , CEO & Chairman ( Urgent VC ) The Sustainable City Solution , will be on the Green Entrepreneurship and Careers Opportunities Panel at 3 45 pm . 

Sharon Griffith of NYSERDA will be a panelist on the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Panel at 2.00pm  .The Community Outreach Manager for New York Energy Smart Communities program and NYC "s Special projects for NYS Energy research and Development Authority .

There is alot more scheduled to happen , so despite the weather make an effort to stop by ,...
further details at  .

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