Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know we haven't finished with 2009 yet and there are projects still going on at various locations, BUT I did want to get the ball rolling with a project that is very close to me for various reasons. This our partnering with the CSA at Stonykill , Beacon NY .

As you may already know we have one studio there NOW and it will provide storage for various items over the winter . With recent conversations and more to come with the farmers Tim and Devin , the idea of putting more studios for artists to use next year came about .

BUT it depends on your input , and this is where I 'd like to have readers participate (in a number of ways) conceptually and if in the region , physically . Added to this I would also like to start a campaign to raise money to pay for the installation of two additional studios and to try and have $ for each artist's residency . This is our model for community sponsored art . It's success depends on YOU !

IF you are an ARTIST in the Hudson Valley Region please contact me if you would like to be considered for a short term residency at the CSA . We hope to have a summer program with courses for kids of all ages . BUT this will depend obviously on interest and funds.

IF you would like to DONATE to this PROJECT at the CSA , ECOARTSPACE is involved with the project and contributions are TAX deductible , any amount will be welcome . Again contact me at for those details .

Once again more details will be forthcoming as we pack things away and use the winter to gather interest and ideas , as well as work on making the project available in a number of ways through the internet and small press , or downloadable book versions . Who knows we may do a HOW TO RAISE YOUR STUDIO ROOF video , available at coffee shops nearer YOU !? Later SD.

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