Saturday, March 3, 2012


HFA is happy to be a part of this first public art fund project in DC this Spring . Its part of a city wide celebration to mark the Cetennial of the gift to the US of the now familiar Cherry Blossom
Trees . HFA in collaboration with THEARC is setting one of its signature 6 x6 studios outside the entrance to THEARC. We think it'll make a marked visual focus juxtaposing the simple shed like design of our studio with the modern contempary structure of that which is uniquely THEARC .

HFAs focus once there will be to collaborate with the community immediately engaged with THEARC and the larger community of Anacostia . It will be these collaborations that will produce the bulk of the work at the studio and determine the final look of the studio which we hope will reflect its location and community .

Facilitating these individual and group projects will be seven artists who have worked extensively in the public realm in New York , Philadelphia and Portland OR .It is the wish of this group that the studio stay at THEARC and be used in a variety of ways continuing to share the dialog they hope to set up this March and April for a longer period and a larger audience .

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