Thursday, March 15, 2012


In and around the Ides of March we thought it a good Idea to sort through a bunch of material that we can bring to DC for the next few weeks , that will be used in all manner of creative ways . We thought that we'd give the studio going down a fresh lick of reclaimed paint , some of it having survived another winter freeze and needed using .... and repurpose a couple of windows and a new found door.

Our wish is that we leave a studio at THEARC to be used by different groups as a continued catalyst for creative activity and discussions . We will see where the prospective participants might want to situate the second studio which will be built the last week of April .

The material that gets repurposed , transformed and in other ways made over during the next few weeks , as well as being exhibited at THEARC in the last week , becomes part of the NEW exterior of the Studio that will stay as 1901 Mississippi Ave .

We look forward to installing the first Studio outside THEARC on Tueday March 20th 2012 .

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