Saturday, March 31, 2012


This past week was the first official artists in residence week at the Studio at THEARC in DC . Starting off this new project was NY artist CHERE KRAKOVSKY with her piece COMMUNITY KITCHEN TABLE .Each day she set up a round table and invited passers by to stop and chat and to take Tea . She also invited them to engage in various creative activities which were then

diplayed on or in the small Studio . Like the studio's simple shed like structure the kitchen table is both familiar and inviting which encourages any one to sit and talk to the artist on any given subject .

The DC Studio is part of the DCs Arts and Humanities Commission s 5 x5 project which began March 20th . Five curators picked 5 artists to install temporary works around the capitol .HFA is pleased to be an artist project chosen by ecoartspace's curator AMY LIPTON .

Since installing the Studio at THEARC we have had much interest in the project .We originally had a wish for the studio to stay at THEARC and be sustained by a group after we leave April 28th . It appears that wish has come true. TONI FORD , executive director of the DOUBLE NICKELS theatre group has been discussing many ways in which her group could collaborate w/HFA and sustain a structure at THEARC. Plans are afoot to create a hybrid studio at a new location between the garden and the parking lot .

In addition to this hybrid studio we will also leave a small original studio close to the garden and orchard , which will draw attention to this new endeavor of growing food and to a small field that overlooks the creek .

Next week artists MICHAEL NATIELLO and MATTHEW SLAATS will be the artists in residence at the Studio . Blenders will be churning as mixes of moss and pulp get made for a variety of purposes . More on that soon .

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