Monday, February 16, 2009

Missed Habitats , New Paltz NY

Here are three habitats that only the brave saw last year on a rainy day in New Paltz NY .

These were part of the COTA day at Hasbrouck Park NP .
Glad to say they will be recycling this year as Habitat for Artists
revisits New Paltz this summer , and we hope for better weather.
There are plans afoot to do something grand for this "QUAD"
year , up and down the Hudson Valley . I have mixed feelings about
the whole Hudson celebration which for those who might want to
indulge , turn up to a new play at the gallery Feb 27th called
"Hudson Adrift" by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel .
I think you'll be in for a good surprise , performed by our own thesbian
Donald Kimmel of " The Flying Swine Theater ".

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