Monday, February 16, 2009

What else has been happening?

We've been working on creating a
project room in the city . Opening
curator, Amy Lipton will be presenting the work of Simon Draper and the Habitat for Artists
collective. We will be building a new
habitat within the space , out of old
habitats .This habitat will go on to become part of the CITY SOL
event at SOLAR ONE"s space on 23rd street NYC. (June /July 2009).During the art fair event in NYC there will be a SOHO not for profit evening March 5th . Stay posted for more details.....
We are going to be working with SUNY , New Paltz and The Samuel DORSKY Art Museum,
pretty soon . Discussions are underway with museum curator, Brian Wallace and new director
Sara Pasti. We are looking forward to this opportunity of bringing the idea to a campus setting.
Todd Sargood will be working with his students at SUNY NP this spring to build their habitat ,
which will find a home within the town of New Paltz.
Scenic Hudson has been working with us and we are looking to add another habitat to a park in
Beacon . We are currently in discussion with individuals and business owners in the Beacon area
seeking their financial support to make this next event happen . Most of the material being made
and contributed to the project INDOORS at Van Brunt Gallery will be used in this project .

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