Sunday, February 15, 2009

An unexpected visit from MNN

Last Saturday , the video crew of MNN with host Chuck Leavell visited the gallery to interview Amy Lipton, of ecoartspace , Carl Van Brunt of Van Brunt Gallery and myself , SimonDraper creator of the Habiat for Artists project. And what is MNN you may ask ,......?

Mother Nature Network is a one stop environmental website , covering a variety of issues and concerns . Check it out , google MNN and go from there ,..... Its a very comprehensive site and there is something of interest for everyone .

And who is Chuck Leavell ? Do any of you remember a band called the Allman Brothers....?
In particular the album , "Brothers and Sisters" , Chuck was that very talented keyboard player on that album and not quite 20 !! And since then is almost known as the sixth Rolling Stone ,...
not sure some english rock band ,.. drummer was Keith Moon can't remember the rest !!

Well aside of being a talented keyboard player Chuck has developed a passion for things of an environmental nature and whilst not on the road tends to his tree farm in Georgia . And so as not to spoil the experience I'm going to let you look this all up ,and stay posted for the new videos !!

I'd like to thank Wendy Bounds of the WallStreet Journal for making this unexpected visit possible .....

You'll notice I 'm not posting any photos , just yet .....

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