Monday, February 16, 2009

The Tile Idea

Many of you may be asking , what 's with the Tile idea ?
On first inspection many of you will be thinking this is not unlike an art center project or something my kid does at school !! What's
wrong with that if you change the context ? In bringing the project inside there had to be an active , creative aspect to this
event . Otherwise it's another group show ,.... the idea was to find
a way that almost everyone could if they wanted to contribute to the next habitat . The Tile or for those who may have already figured it out, the shingle acts in two ways . If someone as happened with Grey Zeien's tile , can't live with out it , its' FOR SALE, and the money is divided
between the artist , the gallery and the project .If no one wants to purchase the tile it becomes an exterior element , siding you may say , for the next habitat studio. There have been some beautiful contributions from many people in the community and other artists. THANK YOU.

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