Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well I'm having one of those days where I really feel I ought to be outside enjoying a day of hot sun sans rain showers . On the other hand there's all this other stuff that needs to be dealt with inside. So I am going to recommend , as much to myself as to you all out there in blogos-sphere to go out and enjoy the day and the SUN !!

Man , there are a ton of things going on today in the Valley . Garrison Art Center is having a craftcome tag sale 9 to 5 , Beacon is having a Foodie thing on behalf of BCC (Beacon Community Center ) called a Taste oF Beacon , hosted by the Piggy Bank. New Paltz is having its THIRD ART LOOP Saturday . Rosendale is have their continuing PUPPET SLAM at the Black bird Theater., this afternoon. And you need only drive around in your NEW high mpg vehicle you've just bought with the CLUNKER turn in programme , to see a dozen more events this weekend .

And for those bargain shoppers there are a number of TAG sales occurring withthe fine weather.

What is it now ? Two weeks before SCHOOL starts ? Labor Day is the weekend of the 6th .?

So before you all get semi-mental about the end of another summer , not that it really got started, get off the couch and go DO something . And why am I digressing on this tack of doing something ? Well , having these various projects around the place and having many a friend in another part of the valley or Hudson Valley Region , it amazes me how little folks know about what is going on , area to area . And , yes I am starting a sentence with this word , and how hard it is to find out about what is happening UNLESS you're in that small town or area .

And honestly I am not that interested in the local garage sales or fish bakes than the cultural events that occur with out due attention, most weekends up and down the Region , Lower Mid
or Central and in the nose bleed zone of Albany .PS Hudson turned around at just before what is the Albany area so officially I 'm stopping there too .Just FYI .

So over the next few weeks I 'm going to be chatting with alot of folks OUT THERE as to how to get to know what's going on and whose doing what , which art center is holding a this/that sale and what ( if any thing ) artists , poets , writers and other creative souls are thinking about .Even
discussing currently . Despite the economy folks up and down the valley almost beyond Albany are getting and doing creative things ! No matter if they can't sell those creations , they are still doing their thing !

Well I 've got to get going because one of my son's chickens has flown the coop and in case you're all wondering if my chickens have left their roosts , or words to that effect , NO ...just having some summer time fun . BUT I am serious as to improving the art dialog or encouraging it as I seem not always to be that serious in my method . So tune in or drop me a line or two at :

Love to hear about the proverbial chickens , but don't bother to tell me about the clambakes!
Thanks SD

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