Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For those in New Paltz this weekend . DO and it is the village's Art Loop 3rd Saturday this week, drop by the Habitat Studio on Main St (next to the Restaurant 36 Main, good stop for Brunch Lunch or Dinner plans !) .Molly Rausch will be there to take in your requests of objects you've lost, in return and by way of your description she mails you back a drawing of the lost object .She's had a great response from people and alot of anonymous requests so we are respecting peoples privacy in responding to those personal items which aren't for public consumption .

During the week Ayesha Ibrahim is continuing her Art for A Smile so be sure to wear your best face, unless you happen to have lost it in which we'll refer you to Molly's Lost and Found and she might be able to draw it for you , but be sure to desribe your BEST face !!

Up on campus check on the progress by Patti Nelson , at The Old Main Circle of Plattekill St ,....
Old SUNY entrance , follow the construction fencing . And whilst you are there take a path through the campus to visit the Ecotones Show at The Dorsky Museum and another Inspired habitat studio inside . Micahel Asbills piece is a must see along with Tom Sarratonios painter's paintings tucked away in a corner .

Finally to cap the day off end up at HHS ....Historical Huguenot Street and if you are riding the bike trail drop in and have a sandwich near the fourth habitat studio in the Cedar grove by the picnic tables. Ustya Tarnawsky has been working there having been on site about a week now .

I am off to visit the studio on the East River,tomorrow . Meeting up with an artist who wants to use the studio at SOLAR1 . Other artists do stop by the SOLAR1 office if you want a riverside studio for a short time residency. STRICTLY no living WORK in only ! ENQUIRE within ,.......

Next week I have to see how the gardens grow in Philadelphia at the Habitat studio/potting shed at SCEE. Off Hagys Mill Rd . Part of Amy Liptons curated show "Down to Earth " with several other environmental , greenfingered artists. Check out Amy's blog at ecoartspace (see link). AND save the date SEPTEMBER 12TH for the Reception for this show , if you survive the opening festivities down the road at Abington Art Center in Jenkintown the previous evening.

Planning ahead do SAVE the date SEPTEMBER 24TH there is a panel discussion at the museum , The Dorsky at SUNY New Paltz is host to several artists from the habitat project and myself , with ecoartspace curator Amy Lipton . Details still to be announced .We hope to have a very special moderator for the panel discussion so more to follow . Thursday evening at 7pm .

Please tune back soon I am anticipating some cool stuff in New Paltz , including

*..a possible Solar component to the campus studio by Michael Otis's Engineering class

*... how green can we make the habitat studios by leeds in training architect Joe Thompson

*... Michael Asbill is concocting a creative term at one of the Habitat studios in September

*.... Mercedes Cecilia hopes to be in residence in the Museum habitat in September

*.... A recent SUNY alumni , artist Chris Manning is going to stage an install at a studio habitat.

*... There might be a short residency by Marnie Hillsley , originator of the Poets Walk Habitat !

*.... A final got to go tag sale most likely at Main St of collected items which were found and now
we want to part with , for a small donation to the project . This item still has to be talked over with the other members and a date fixed.....

Meanwhile enjoy the cooler weather today and bask in the August heat til the thunder showers come. I am now up and off to New Paltz to meet with Patti Nelson . Later SD

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