Thursday, August 13, 2009


For those of you who missed that beacon on Main , just passed the other light on Main and 32 , Ayesha is back . So bring your best smile and choose a new work of hers. Those of you who might have lost more than a smile and would like a rendition of that missing item or even mood , Molly Rausch will be at Main St this Saturday to close her Lost and Found Booth . So final requests must be in by Saturday evening. 

For those of you who didn't get  a chance to SMILE and choose an artwork , Ayesha will be at the Main St Habitat Studio until the END of August. 

Patti Nelson is settling in at the Old Main Circle on the SUNY Campus. She will be there for a 3 week term. She is exploring aspects of Shelter . Found material that might be repurposed for a use that implies possible habitat. With in her exploration of taking the studio structure apart and reinventing it with other material she is examining our concepts about class , heirarchy
and  economics . An interesting project with regard to recent articles about Dharavi , Mumbai
slum , and their Gov't 's wish to go hi-rise and relocate as something "Modern and Progressive"

This also touched a chord with Mercedes Cecilia who was at the same studio . Growing up in Peru she commented that the habitat structures were similar to ones being lived in there. We 
forget that a vast amount of the earths population live in simple dwellings . For those interested in taking a side ways look at this topic I'd like to refer you to the Slumdwellers website. 

And not far removed from this topic is the site in NYC , which is wearing well but has definitely seen other uses . The lock had disappeared but there were no signs of other activity . There seems to be a tendency for the homeless in this area  to seek shelter with in the structures of the park near by. But issues of shelter are closer to home than we like to think about!

Todd Betterly will be taking up residency in the studio at 23rd St at SOLAR 1 this Monday August 17th . He'll be thinking up a variety of ways to engage with both passers by and with the structure itself. This will be new territory for him as he has been engaged in the applied arts and has a wish to return to a less commercial orientated creative process, after a time away.

Stay posted for his accounts and experiences at this Studio Habitat.

I'm going to try and get to some of those images that have been gathering electronic dust in the camera , so I hope to return with some new images of studios past but not forgotten.

Take care , and stay dry ( you forget it's August )    SD 

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