Tuesday, August 11, 2009


At this point I am assuming that any one and I might mean one as in a person is reading this currently SORRY to say there have been some schedule changes .


Solar 1 we have decided due to a variety of reasons to postpone events there BUT we are interested in getting Artists to work there at the habitat studio so do contact us !!

We will be posting the NEW events and NEW dates asap at this location !!


Patti Nelson begins working at the Old Main Circle Campus habitat studio tomorrow ,Wednesday AUGUST 12th ....further details to follow Her residency to go through to August 21st .

Molly Rausch continues her Lost and Found Booth through this weekend . Ayesha Ibrhim will be joining her this week at some point at the Main St studio ... I'll have more news SOON.

Huguenot Street Studio continues with Ustya Tarnawsky (pix to follow !)


I am going there next week to see how the Gardens Grow or Not ! And to add new material to the studio potting shed . This location for those joining us now is at SCEE 8040 Hagys Mill RD
PLEASE note Reception for Project Saturday September 12th Hope to see you there !!

POET'S Walk Rhinehook NY

Weather permitting I am hoping to move this studio off the "siteline " very soon .I'll be making a few changes to the structure and we're looking to get some Writers in there soon doing their thing !!


This is our errant studio ,.... we are not on the map and I am unsure as to what the future holds for this quiet participant . I am anticipating we will see this studio being relocated before the year ends . Our team is ready to pick up and go when we have the word !? Bill please call us !!


The original habitat site is slowly being cleaned up . We still have ONE studio there which will be moved by the month end . Materials gathered will be repurposed or disposed off as weather and other natural effects have taken their toll .


As part of the Collaborative Concepts Exhibit Michael Natilello will be building a habitat studio at Saunders Farm off OAP RD very soon . This promises to be an interesting hybrid in the studio/shed concept ! Those of you who missed Michaels Fish Shanty at Annsville may like to google that from the Peekskill Project 2008.


We're NOT there yet . BUT there is a festival in Dharavi , aka the slum city as in Millionaire Dog Movie ... which is planned to celebrate what may soon be changing if Real Esate Speculators and the Indian Gov't get their way . This could be a rich exchange if we can propose a relevant studio habitat as part of these celebrations. I'll be posting links to this new material soon .

HOCH TAUNUS ,Bad Homburg , Germany

There are plans to have a habitat studio in the Hoch Taunus Park near Bad Homburg which is a short distance from Frankfurt a.m. . Currently looking at Spring Early Summer funds permitting
Again more news to come on this from OUR Messenger !

Please as a reminder do look at HOW you might support this project , go to the side bar and see donations. YOU can make a difference . AND you might just be that ONE reader who gets it ?

THANKS talk soon Best SD

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