Thursday, July 30, 2009


Or is that SHEDule ?
Just an update of which ARTISTS are at which HABITAT studio :


Ayesha Ibrahim is at the Studio in The Dorsky Museum  
Friday JULY 31 st    Saturday  AUGUST 1st and Sunday AUGUST 2nd

Molly Rausch is at the Main St Studio next door to 36 Main st Restaurant 
continuing through this week to Sunday  AUGUST 9th 

AUGUST 10 th Molly and Ayesha will be sharing the studio on Main St.

Ustya Tarnawsky will be starting for 3 weeks at the Habitat studio at Huguenot St
Monday AUGUST 3rd    through    Sunday  AUGUST 23rd

Mercedes Cecilia will be finishing up this week end at the Old Main Circle studio on campus Sunday   AUGUST 2nd


E Odin Cathcart will be starting at the habitat studio at Solar 1  AUGUST 11 th through
AUGUST 14th     (  all the way over on East 23rd beyond the FDR Drive next to the East River)

Chere Krakovsky will be doing a performance piece at the Solar 1 habitat studio AUGUST 15 th and 16th 

Shed Building Workshop with Simon Draper , a hands on build your own habitat studio
learning what tools , what materials and basic techniques you can use to build your own shed studio . There will be a simple manual to purchase ( PRICE to be announced). If you are interested sign up on :     just so we have an idea of numbers !!
Sunday AUGUST 29th around 4pm.

More dates to come at other locations .

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