Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Habitat News

Having had the day rained off I thought I"d relay some Habitat news . I was bound for the bucolic setting of Scenic Hudsons Poet's Walk Park near Redhook today , with the intention of moving the habitat studio off the site line to the field nearer the Pavilion . Whilst in the process of moving the studio I was going to make some changes to it so it would suit writers rather than visual artists . It is slightly smaller than the usual 6 by 6 and therefore more suited to the creative act of writing. I will be having a meeting this week with Beth Wilson and Anne Gurrick
to discuss a writers group using this particular studio .

In New Paltz , artist Molly Rausch will be setting up her "Lost and Found Drawing Booth". There'll be more about this when she has completed the necessary signage to inform passers by
on Main St . how the Booth works.

At Huguenot Street , Nils Kulleseid will set up his stone carving at the picnic grove opposite the museum .

On campus Mercedes Cecilia continues her work , and there have been some wonderful changes made to the habitat studio's exterior .

I 've noticed that the Habitat studio in side the Dorsky Museum is getting thoroughly covered with renditions and words that inspire folks , Thank you .

In Beacon one of the remaining Habitat studios will be leaving to take up residence in Kingston with the help of Scott Gibson , of Eco pioneer. The water collection studio will be reset up at a piece of property Scott has off of Rte 209 behind the Staples store . More on the larger plans that the Habitat studio will be part off , later.

For now stay dry , and YES pictures to follow . I have over stocked my camera and now have to download individual pix so as not to duplicate and create those awful crammed non specific photo files . Perhaps a rainy day activity ? Later SD

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