Thursday, July 23, 2009

Words aren't Pictures

Before I start , I know there have been a lot of promises of pictures lately and NOT to say there won't be BUT what has been going on of late is MORE about words , or more to say the lack of them . As with any starting point its merely a beginning . What ensues is not always planned and I think this project is about what is not SEEN or not planned . So where was I , well yesterday I met with Anne Gorrick and Beth Wilson to discuss the possibility of other writers being involved in the project specifically Poet's Walk and hopefully the New Paltz project as well. 

As with many meetings especially when across or inter disciplinary there is a moment of WOW we are not seeing things the same way ...  and that is not a slight .. but the way we are wired and how we might express the SAME experience(s) . What was said was that the blog does not convey the dimension of the project does not convey the the excitement which is palpable when around an artist working at one of the habitat studios. The changes being made in real time,the realm of all possibilities in  a moment. In that moment I realized that there needed to be a change in what was being "blogged "about . 

Coming from a visual background we do not work with that vocabulary there is a sign language which is an estimation of a reality ,...   it's cryptic and a cypher is needed ....there are hooks to bring the viewer to the work BUT at that moment the artist anticipates the viewer to do a lot more work . What you put in you will get out ....   and I think this is how how I have been blogging in regard to this project . 

So over the next couple of evenings I shall be looking to try and encapsulate some of the special qualities that make this project ...exciting , engaging and worth a look NO which might rock your boat. 

Sometimes when you're in the thick of it you can't SEE .let alone catch the right words. SEEING may be believing BUT the right words can engender the right FEELING . Bear with me as I seek the right words to EXCITE and involve you in this , I am told enticing project.   Later SD 

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