Thursday, July 9, 2009


Please join us at the Habitat Studio which now resides on the banks of the East River at 23rd St,
Stuyvesant Cove. The studio is part of a three day festival , see details below , starting this Friday July 10th through Sunday July 12th . Programmed events start at 6pm , but there will be some of us there before setting up a second pavilion habitat which is celebrating the SHED. For those of you who didn't know the UK has been giving pride of place this week to this most idiosyncratic and democratic structure . With the generous gift of many images of all things shed by Alex Johnson of Shedworking , we have been able to give a brief preview of images that will be appearing in his new book on the varied uses of the common and not so garden shed .

Over the course of the event I and others will be repurposing material from other habitats inside this pavilion , including old artwork and a mix of off cuts that have been made in making habitat studios. Drop by and join in or pick out a piece you might like to have reside elsewhere,....and make a bid , every dollar counts ! This pavilion will only be here for 3 days so make the effort to see it . Amy Lipton, of ecoartspace will also be there so do try and come by and see what else we 've been up to.

This small pavilion will evolve into the square foot garden which will accompany the original studio first seen at ecoartspace this past Spring at their Mercer Street project room .We hope to have the CSA ,Common Grounds at Stonykill join us in the weeks to come ,so stay posted.

Other artists will be using the habitat studio at Solar 1 during it's stay on the River banks , so make a note to stay posted on upcoming events.

More news from other habitat studio locations will be posted over the next few days , including sightings of artists at Poet's Walk , en plein air ...... NEW artists in New Paltz and new habitats
sprouting up at Common Grounds CSA near Beacon NY .

Lots to see and do , hope to see you sometime ....... best SD

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