Saturday, July 18, 2009

Closing Reception at Huguenot Habitat Studio

Try to see artist,Sarah Haviland and what she has been making at the Habitat Studio in the Picnic Grove on Huguenot Street. She is having a closing reception this Sunday July 19th 3 to 5pm. She'd love to share her ideas and the experience she's had which she refers to as her "incubation period". Join her for a light refreshment and share in the creative habitat !

Sunday also marks Ayesha Ibrahim's last day at the Main Street Habitat Studio. And remember to bring your best SMILE to receive a wonderful painting . Ayesha has had a blissful time at her temporary studio these past 3 weeks and please share with friends the time and exchange you have with this vibrant artist .

Mercedes Cecilia continues at the Habitat Studio on SUNY campus at the Old Main Circle.Though recently she has been suffering from some severe allergies at home so her time at the Habitat sudio has been hampered by this recent condition. She is seeking responses to a set of questions she poses based on the premise that most of us in the USA are IMMIGRANTS !

New Paltz Artist , Molly Rausch will start this week at the Main Street Studio. There will be a couple of days of installation BUT she assures me viewer participation is a large part of this new work .For those unfamiliar with Mollys usual work you can go to the Van Brunt website ,a Beacon gallery that shows her work.

We will be posting a schedule (SOON) for future artists taking resident at one of the four New Paltz Habitat Studio locations . And,..... YES we now have a MAP of their locations around the village , pick up at a habitat studio near you !

IN ADDITION , visitors will notice a NEW sculpture at the Main Street site . This is by New Paltz's very own Richard Gottlieb , known by most as owner of the climb store ROCK and SNOW. Well it turns out he's a sculptor too . I believe he described the piece as a SELF PORTRAIT. Check it out ,.....

We will be posting photos from the CITYSOL event from last week .This studio will continue there some time and still has the Shed Pavilion as part of it , so if you're in the City stop by !

There's more stuff brewing at the various locations and for those not in the know pick up the NEW card which has all current locations plus a dazzling tapestry of Habitat studios past and present . I'll post this card on the blog as its a good-un !! Thanks to Todd Sargood for getting that together .

Enjoy the week end and try to stop by one of the MANY habitat locations . Oh , by the way the habitat studio in the Dorsky Museum is looking great . AND we still need images of other peoples studios !! (large or small) for the interior collage. Email to me at

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