Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A random selection of habitat studio pix, which one is which ?

Lets start by saying Saturday's performance was pure magic ! Those of you who were there witnessed something unique and sustaining . Dar's final song "Hudson" is the track that accompanies the video short on "Marnie's Shed" (link) .Which has now moved to Poet's Walk Park and has been our poster habitat ! It 's those tie ins which make this project meaningful as we don't have some design team working on stufff like that , it happened organically ,....

More to come on the Concert.

This week the Habitat Studio at the project room of ecoartsapce MOVED . It is now residing on the banks of the East River ,at Stuyvesant Cove , home of Solar 1 . We are in our second day of install and will be eventually building a 6 by 6 ft raised garden in front of it . For the week of the shed I will be posting many images of sheds supplied by Alex Johnson Of Shed Working /UK and images of Habitats , past and present. I am calculating that with a 12" by 12" format we'll get 48 images on a habitat studio side. Calendar NOTE ...... CITY SOL event JULY 10 /11 /12 th .

We'll be there .

Changes in New Paltz today , we have artists starting at Main st and on Campus ,and there will be a writing performance piece at Huguenot Street . New artist starting there next week July 6th. We will be posting links and schedule dates very soon . There are a number of artists who will be taking up residence over the summer and once we have dates confirmed we will link to a schedule . This week is particularly nutty as many folks have left on vacation for the 4th , but HFA never sleeps ,....

. Back soon with more news and opinion .SD

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