Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beth Wilson to write about Habitat Project

Who ? Pick up a copy of CHRONOGRAM. It's a Hudson Valley publication. A magazine with alot of alternative subject matter ..... whose lost by now . Yep I should link you to it NOW, but I 'm not going to right now. Where was I ? Beth Wilson is a wonderful arts writer who manages to cover the arts with out being a pompous , erudite ***** (fill in the Blank!).If you have any inkling or incline to the ARTS , get savvy and start following her articles . May has a wonderful article she wrote on Frida Kahlo and another exhibit in Pa.

In JUNE, which happens to be the magazines' green issue Beth will be covering the Habitat project. She will also be covering projects going on in Kerhonksen , and Kingston NY. All have a wonderful other connectivity , which she will address in her usual dynamic way .... PICK up a copy NOW, or I ought to say for JUNE copy!

Beth and I will also be riffing on an idea for a book , "The Beacon Book of the Shed ". Enlarging on some ideas behind the Habitat project , which I think will prove provocative as well as entertaining. Those of heavy heart should be advised that much of the material covered may prove unsuitable ..... We may look to print some chapters or verse on this blog ? Stay posted !!

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