Sunday, May 11, 2008

Habitat Sheds get Blueprints

In the next week , Habitat for Artists ' sheds will be committed or assigned a set of bluprints. David Birn, neighbour and draftsman extrodinaire has agreed to draw a set of simple plans for the project . This will allow others to fabricate these simple structures, with the view that these Habitats may join other Habitats in other locations in the not too distant future.

Other venues are being looked at currently, with the idea that those who are able , join other artists at other locations with or without their current Habitat. (who wouldn't want a studio away from home, especially whilst on vacation?).

We're also exploring the idea of taking them to other art fairs and having artists from that area join the project. Obviously there are some logistics and other details to sort out first. So far though there has been some favourable,initial response to our doing this.

We are also looking at the possibility, down the road of having Artist Exchanges. Artists being invited to join the Beacon Habitats and Beacon Artists going to other eventual habitat localles. Alexis Elton has been building her Habitat in New Mexico, and will be exhibiting photos and other material from her experience there (at May 17th OPEN DAY). SD

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