Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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I use this term loosely ! Having recently "Googled " this blog I came upon another chat type site that was amazing ...... A whole tete a tete about "this guy building these sheds " , and does he need a permit , as well as "is he intending to live in them ". Luckily a voice of reason chimed in that it was infact an artist, Simon Draper, who was doing an ART installation at the site known as Spire Studios, in Beacon NY. The news GUYS, happy chat room bloggers THEY are SHEDS, I think these are temporary structures under a certain square footage (100 t0 120 sq ") that are not in need of permits, also as this was a project being put on initially as a related project to the planed May ART FAIR, it remains an ART project . Much as it would be quite some abodes in many expanding developing CAPITALS of the world. ( LOOK up Mexico City) . it remains ART.

Oh by the way , the PUBLIC is quite able to come & take alook and NOT be in fear of these HAND made structures collapsing around their ears. Traditional shed building habits are being used in their construction. Perhaps the only collapse may be the preconceived notions that deserve to collapse around certain blogging ears/noses and mouths !! Look forward to seeing you all this Saturday to see what that GUY is doing ..... and the other Geezers (artists). SD

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