Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's going on ?

Well there's been lots going on in Beacon, lately. Or should I say it's not what's not going on that has created a lot that's still going to go on !! Confused, well don't fear you're not alone......After a flurry of last minute negotiations between, the Art Fair organizers, building owners and the town officials the stuff hit the fan. After the dust had settled it became clear that the new art fair wasn't about to happen,well NOT this year. Most of you may have already gathered that.

The good news is that other events are still going on, so if you were headed this way there will be plenty to see, Open Studios at Spire and Bulldog (old high school), a grand project at an old factory building near Main St called Electric Windows, (large scale paintings will be made and installed by over 20 artists, best you go to their website for details). Other galleries plan to be open with new shows, and this project Habitat for Artists will have an open day, which will include some theatre, which will be a breath of fresh air after the recent event drama, or things fall apart.....

So check it out May 17th (that's a Saturday), we'll be around doing stuff so drop by and see what's going on! Habitat Project is at 45 Beekman St Beacon. LOOK for the PODS.

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