Sunday, May 11, 2008

The PODS connection ?

Well I thought it time to explain the PODS connection with the Habitats Project. Over the course of building the Habitats there has been a continued question of " what are the PODS for ?".

No idea , I just like white boxes ...... and Dan Davison Jr. of Pods of Hudson Valley, said I could take a few...... so I did! Thanks Dan!! BUT seriously for those who can't stand the suspense any longer. When I was chatting with Todd (of Spire Studios) it was he who suggested PODS, in reference to having ready mades that could be adapted for temporary studio spaces. Having a shed thing and a need to keep busy I decided to mix it up. So we now have the concept of PODS P>ortable O>n D>emand S>tudios........ (will head office be in touch with me, Dan?).

BUT before you start calling your local PODS dealer, you might want to read the fine print!!

The other pratical reason was also purely storage, during this project we have amassed alot of reclaimed material that needed storing, and whilst things were moving at a steady pace there were days where we needed dry storage for gear!

I'd like, ll kidding aside, to thank Dan Davison Jr., John Keller and the PODS team for their generosity, willingness and goodwill in being on board this project and donating the use of several units for our "creative" needs.THANK YOU. We have also produced an alternative PODS Ad video which will be posted as soon as we clear head office (joking).

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