Sunday, May 11, 2008

NOT an Opening,or your usual reception!

Well I'm in the mode for explaining things or whilst I'm still at rest, it being a Sunday.

Next week MAY 17th , I want to qualify what you're going to see, if you visit us !!
At the usual opening you get to see finished works that have been dutifully worked upon and finished for exhibition. Or a perfomance takes place and you play a dutiful, usually passive part. Here ,and I admit there has been a change from our original conception, we are announcing the START of the Habitats for Artists (and PODS) project. There will be a number of creative spaces that are in a number of different states of completion. They are complete in that they are box-like structures but not all will have been fully adapted to the artist's particular needs. Some of the artists are still figuring out how they need to adapt the space, and what they might be making within (or with out), their new creative spaces. In short they are in continual process, and maintainance, not unlike your Home? The activity is also not solely restricted to what you will see.... many of the artists have spent time collecting material to use in or on their Habitats. Some material proves more useful or inspirational than others. We haven't even begun to address the question of alternative or usual power sources..... we intend to collect water in rain barrels to water the planned gardens, some artists will be looking to solar panels to charge batteries or power lighting. Dar and I are looking at alternative insulation materials to provide a snug, comfortable shed. Writing doesn't produce enough body heat to warm a room (?).

Some artists intend only to use hand tools. Needless to say, a variety of questions and paths lay ahead for all involved in the project. We have also extended the amount of time that the artists will get to work in and on their Habitats. So if you don't make it May 17th drop by another day. We'll be working if not we may be on another job ($).

But don't come expecting "This Old Shed" or a finished version. This is it there's no rehearsal.

"See the Habitats, meet Artists" May 17th to September 30th, 2008.

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