Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bring the Family

Yes,including the dog. Power tools, nails, sharp sticks are always a good training ground for young families and families in training. Aidan runs by exposed wires from muliple outlets and misses the temporary work tables that contain sharp hand tools and other kid friendly toys...

No child is lost in the woods here, this is a veritable feast for kids, young and old to get stuck into.

We will be having other activities for everyone to participate in, especially of note being .......BUILD a Habitat. There will be an area where those willing or able can contribute to the making of a habitat. Paint boards, make a picture and build a side of the new Performing Community Shed. When , MAY 17th between 1 and 3 pm, DON"T WORRY all sharp tools and faulty extension cables will be stored and locked safely away, from family use !!

We're still debating the correct Fire Drill procedures, and have been reading that wonderful literature from the State, about Evacuation Plans in regard to our proximity to Indian Point. Does any one remember "duck and cover" , or is that rock and roll?

Well , hope to see some of you out and about on the 17th , we're going to be working and doing stuff, so JOIN IN, and BRING THE FAMILY (second thoughts leave the dog at home...) SD

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